Top 5 Places For Destination Wedding Photography Within India

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A lot of people in India are catching up with the craze of destination weddings. Many Indians choose exotic foreign locations for their dreamy, fairytale weddings. But India also serves a plethora of options to choose from. It can be a grand, royal wedding in Rajasthan or a romantic wedding against the backdrop of Tajmahal in Agra. When you choose wonderful locations, your pictures will definitely be beautiful. Check these 5 popular places of India where many Indians go for their destination weddings.

1. Rajasthan

If you want to have a grand wedding, Rajasthan is perfect for you. Udaipur is the most popular place for the destination wedding in Rajasthan mainly because of its romantic ambience, royal palaces, beautiful lakes Make sure your photographer captures the amazing scenery of this city.

Jaipur, the pink city is also a great place to tie the knot. If you choose Jaipur, you will find plenty of options as far as venues are concerned. Do not forget to click pictures with your partner in front of Amber Fort and Palace, Jai Mahal, Hawa Mahal.and Jantar Mantar.

You must understand one thing that Rajasthan is not just a place- couldn’t understand!. It is known for its rich culture, royalty, grandeur, history and architectural brilliance. Your photographs must reflect the culture, heritage and glamour of Rajasthan. Hire a local wedding photographer from Rajasthan if possible. The local photographer will have much more knowledge about the culture and palaces of Rajasthan.

2. Kerala.

Have you ever thought about doing a beach-side wedding? It is a really cool and interesting idea. Kelara is the most suitable option for you if you are thinking about a picturesque and quiet wedding. The good news is many resorts assist customers with wedding planners and professional wedding photographer.

If you want to do something different, you can go for an elephant theme wedding. Photoshoot in Kerala will definitely provide the photographers with an opportunity to capture the state’s beauty and cultural richness.

If you are planning to incorporate some aspects of the Malayalee wedding in your marriage to capture the essence of that place, it would be better to hire a Malayalee photographer.

3. Goa.

Goa has always been a popular tourist spot in India. So, many Indians prefer to do a destination wedding there. Doing a photoshoot in Goa is also an absolute treat for the photographers because of its breathtaking sunsets, beautiful beaches, Portuguese architecture, greenery, churches and old monuments.

It provides the photographers with an opportunity to capture various types of pictures in the pre-wedding sessions. When a photographer clicks fun-filled photos at the beaches, he captures romantic moments at the time of sunset. Different backgrounds provide photos with different types of moods and emotions.

There are many resorts which will give you the service of a wedding planner and professional photographer. But you can ask the manager of the resort whether they allow photographers from outside if you are planning to bring a photographer with you for wedding.

4. Agra.

Agra can be a really amazing, romantic location for your wedding. Do a photoshoot in front of the symbol of love, Taj Mahal and post them on social media. Your friends will be absolutely amazed byseeing the pictures.

There are some resorts which provide packages for wedding and will help you plan your wedding perfectly. Ask the managers of those resorts whether they provide the service of a wedding photographer. Make sure your photographer takes some shots in front of Agra Fort and Sheesh Mahal to reflect the cultural heritage of Agra through photos.

5. Mussoorie.

As a destination wedding place, Mussoorie is as popular as Rajasthan and Goa. But beautiful snow-covered hills, clear skies and Himalayas at the sunset give the place a romantic feel.

Beautiful sunsets ensure the fact that you will get amazing ceremony pictures for the functions of every evening. Talk to your photographer to click the beautiful orchids, wonderful architecture, waterfalls to capture the essence of Mussoorie.

Other than these 5 amazing places, some other locations have also become popular. If you are planning to do a destination wedding, I would suggest you incorporate some cultural elements of that place at your weddings. It will make your destination wedding photographs unique.