Top 7 Couple Activities to do on their Anniversary

things to do for anniversary

Anniversary is the most special day in a married couple’s life. It is the time to blossom their love and cherish their golden days of life. Anniversary is the day you can take time out of your lives and appreciate your love for each other or do something special that would grow your love for each other even stronger. Anniversaries can be celebrated in numerous ways like going on a date, writing love letter to each other, planning a surprise for your better half and so many more. Thus here we are with top 7 couple activities you can do for your anniversary.

  1. Make Dinner Together

It is quite common to go on a dinner date for such occasions so why not make dinner yourself at home together and spend quality time. It would be a very rare scene you guys would be in kitchen together making each other’s favourite dishes. You will share so many fun moments cooking together this romantic anniversary dinner. You can also bake a cake and celebrate your love and togetherness through this yummy homemade cake. You can even plan a themed dinner like Chinese, French or Continental whichever cuisine you both admire.

  1. Surprise for each other

Plan a wonderful surprise for your better half like treating them with something they always wanted, take them to a surprise date, book holidays without them knowing anything, kidnap them from office and go road tripping, take them to a surprise movie date all these little ideas will give them so much of joy as it was not expected. If you want to go huge you can also plan a surprise party call all your near and dear ones and celebrate this milestone of your beautiful relationship.

  1. Have a picnic of two in the park

We usually go to picnic with our whole crew, but this time keep it private and go for a picnic with love of your life. This is a great idea to reminisce your old days when you were dating and meeting secretly in parks. You can treat your partner with his/her favourite snacks and board games. Share some romantic talks and go walking around the park hand in hand. You can also go fishing in a nearest pond and have some jolly moments together which you would cherish for lifetime. Make anniversary gift delivery online to your Partner’s Office and surprise them in front of their office colleagues.

  1. Write each other a love letter together

Sit together and decide to write each other a lovely love letter confessing love for each other. This activity would become more fun as you are writing the love letter being in front of them and them even knowing it. You both will try peeping into each other’s writing which will make this more fun and romantic. You can both decide to describe your first date in your own words and see who remembers well and who can describe it better. You can go mainstream and ask your partner to take wedding vows again.

  1. Try something new for the day

Engage yourself in something you haven’t ever done together. You can go to a nursery and adopt a plant, come back home and get yourselves busy in planting the sapling and nurturing it every day. You can also go for sports bike ride as you can rent this sports bike and have a lifetime kind of experience. You can also attend different types of workshops like photography, dancing, baking, cooking etc and make the most of this special day. You will this way learn something new and also have fun moments together.

  1. Take a Road Trip

We are sure you would have stop taking mini vacations after you started family or got no chance to take holidays after getting married. You would have severely missed those long drives with your partner then here is the opportunity. Plan a weekend or take leave for anniversary and go for a road trip to a luxurious location, beach or mountains. This is one of the best ways to celebrate your anniversary. You can listen to your same old songs and get carefree for a while like you did when you were young. Order chocolate gifts online for your loved ones and through this remind them of sweet relationship you share.

  1. Cliff Jump by holding hands

There are so many things in life where you won’t get second chances and there are some activities you won’t be able to do once you are older. So make this Anniversary day memorable by involving yourselves in any adventurous activity you will remember lifetime. These activities gives you adrenaline rush and also increases trust in your relationship. You can go cliff jumping hand and hand and conquer your fear as a team. These activities help us create a special bond and in the next stages of life you would indeed work as team.

We hope these Anniversary Celebration Ideas gives you the best of time and these ideas many unforgettable memories.