How to Organise 7 Cutest Kids Birthday Party Ideas

organise 7 cutest birthday party ideas

Kids are most exciting and awaited for the years to celebrate the big day of life. Whether your kid turning into 1st, 5th or 8th we have a plan to organize your kid’s birthday nicely. Here we make “to-do” list for the parents to know the essential things needed in the celebration time. From shopping to food things to invitation to venue we got covered all the needy stuffs to make it a successful bash. only the thing you have to do is to follow the plans and execute it nicely. It will make your little one’s birthday bash a  very special day of life.

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1) Budget

Sometimes parents cross the budget and they have to pay extra at the end. You need a super plan of cost to spend on each thing. Likewise particular amount goes to food, specific amount goes to decoration. Don’t overcrowd the space with decoration, you can manage it with less decoration supplies and use this cost in food. Stay firm on how much you will spend on invitation and entertainment parts. Yes! you have to save some money for the unexpectedly expected guests for thank you bags. Budget is very important will not let you trouble in the end of the day.

2) Guest List

Insist to call the kids only not parents. Also insist on calling only closet classmates and neighbor kids. It will help to plan your guest list accordingly. Also make sure that every family member is coming. Call them before planning they are surely coming or not. First of all count the guest member; it will help you to decide the venue of party. If any adult member is coming and they follow some strict diet, arrange a different food and activities for them. Also see to RSVPs and send request to know they are coming or not.

3) Invitations

Social sites and media invitations become a popular trend of this era. But if you want to make it memorable, you can use papers craft. Cut out the cardboard papers in the number of age. Now decorate these paper cut-outs with vashi tapes or printed papers. On the other side of the card write all the necessary information about party. Also make some important notes if you are following a dress code. Send the card through traditional way of snail mail.


4) Venue

Venue is considered an important part if you are celebrating a big bash. You have invited big numbers of guests you can plan to make it in park, outdoor garden or any big parking lot. It’s a winter time or rainy days hire a banquet or any school or photo studio having a big space. You can also ask for some garage or any hall having a big empty space. You can cover the walls with silk curtains and tassels. Hiring a banquet or venue can affect your budget. But if you are looking for a smaller celebration with minimal number of guests home would be cheap venue.


5) Eats and Treats

Little guests have more cravings then others. they like to try everything but it can lead to wastage of food. Finger food is the most suitable option for little guests party. Have some mini sandwiches, small pan cakes, cup cakes, tiny pretzels for the kids to enjoy the food time. If adults are invited you can decorate the other food corner for adults with champagne and some smoky food.

6) Party Decorations

If you have set a particular theme choose to décor the party venue in same scheme. what’s your kid’s favorite hero, cartoon or character, use this to bring their imagination into life. She loves Barbie doll set up a fairy tale scheme. Decoration supplies will help you in making such type of decoration. They provide full fledged service of cup cakes, plates, and decoration things mould in particular scheme. It will make your half work done here.

7) Favors

Kids are very much excited and feel happy when they receive a gift at the end. So you have to plan it before the time. Get some plastic bags filled with tiny cookies, M & M’s candies and one toy inside. if you have balloons left in the party, give each children a balloon as a thank you gift. Want to give crafty things? Hand them a box covered with drawing pencils and drawing book. Well this all depend on how much budget you can spend on thank you gif

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Executing a birthday party for kid is not a task of a day. It needs full one week to prepare everything. Somehow we tried to help you in solving some problems. Food to party decoration almost all points included. Games and entertainment is the subject of interest if you wish to. Otherwise the points clearly define what you will need to make kids birthday party a memorable event of life.