5 Awesome Surprise Ideas to Give On Colleague’s Birthday.!

best bday gift ideas

Most of the time you spend with your colleagues. It can be said he or she is a part of your life. You share business problems and personal problems too. It’s her/his birthday and you are not there to share in happiness, instantly send gifts online. Wishing a normal birthday greeting with shake hand will not work here. You can do something different something extra special to make his/her day. Keeping that point in mind we have given some thoughtful tricks of how to celebrate colleague’s birthday. You can take help of other colleagues to make his/her day.

Midnight 12-AM Happy Birthday Wish

Imitate like you don’t know about her/his birthday is just few hours away. Tell the nearest co-workers to not reveal the secret, we know it. Intentionally try to forget her/his birthday. He/she may be sad for a while but it will be for short duration. Call your colleague exactly on 12 midnight to gaze downside from the window. You and some other colleagues are waiting with the cake downside to wish “happy birthday”. It would be the shocking surprise he/she never expected.

Decorate his/her Desk

Adorable decoration on desk will prove his/her value in work place. It’s a better way to give recognition and pay tribute to his/her work place. Arrive before the time, hang happy birthday banner, string some balloons, tassels on the chair. Put a flower bouquet and one gift box includes coffee mug, pen or diary whatever he/she likes. Once she/he arrives greet loudly with “happy birthday” song. He/she gets the best gift of life on workplace she/he will remember for the years to come.

Give Him a Card and Flower Bouquet

You have a large group of co-workers than you can plan for a big gift. Share some amount of each employee to make a big amount and buy him a gift card. he can redeem this gift card afterwards in his way. Small coffee mugs, pen would not work if he is carrying a big position. Forget not to take flower bouquet with it. A flower bouquet will adorn the desk and keep boosting his mood all around the day.

Arrange Birthday Cake for him/her

see to it that company allows to celebrate the colleague’s birthday with cake on the desk. Order a designer cake from birthday cake delivery shop. Personalized cake is a nice choice if you want to bit more creative. What is his/her interest, she loves music, he is a golf player, print the choice of deign on the cake. If company doesn’t allow such celebration, you can hold the cake cutting ceremony in lunch time.

Throw a party to thank her/him for being a good friend

If he/she is very good friend than colleague you must plan something special. Throwing a surprise birthday party is a worthy idea. Take this opportunity to greet his/her with heart. Take his/her birthday as a chance to say “thank you” for all help and support during the working hours. Plan to arrange birthday bash on restaurant or in friend’s house. Decorate the birthday space with the poster of his/his favorite celebrity. Give importance to his/her interest and adorn the party space in the same scheme. Embellish the cake table with the designer cake. You have got the best surprise to make his/her day.

Planning a birthday surprise for colleagues shows their importance in your life. It’s a best way to make strong bond with your colleague. Also it is a best way to transform your business relationship into friendship. His/her birthday is a golden chance, grab it to show thank you and pay regards to his/her workmanship.