Troubleshoot Arlo Base Station Offline Issues With Simple Steps

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Do you have Arlo camera? Are you facing issues while setting it up? If yes, then this article is specially meant for you. We have covered almost all the steps which you may require if you are dealing with the base station. Well, Arlo base station is the head of its set up operation. It connects cameras with your home router to provide long-range connectivity and enhanced battery life. It comes with the following things:-

  • Base Station
  • Power adapter
  • Ethernet cable
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Window decal

While setting up Arlo camera, you may come across some issues due to which your Arlo base station can show offline. These issues can be fixed using a quick setup guide. Here, we have come up with such a guide where everything about Arlo base station offline has been given.

What is Arlo Base Station Offline Issues?  

Due to some issues, users sometimes face trouble and end up failing in connection with base station to the camera. If you are continuously syncing your camera to the base station and still getting trouble in receiving green signal or if it stops working in the mid, then these issues are commonly known as Arlo Base Station offline issues.

This will render you watching live footages as your camera may not be properly functioning.

How to check if Arlo Base Station is online or offline?

Check the LED of the base station and determine its status.

  1. If the LED status shows solid green, it means the base station is successfully connected.
  2. If it is amber, it means there is no connection between base station and router.

Possible Reasons behind Arlo Base Offline Issues?

Followings are the possible reasons behind Arlo Base Offline issues. Check all these aspects and know the exact reason behind its occurrence. To tackle all this, you can connect with the service team which is 24/7 available to meet your needs.

    1. Due to sluggish internet connection:- The issue can arise due to the sluggish internet connection. Check if you have a fast internet connection or not. If it does not then contact your internet service provider and fix it immediately. If this didn’t work then proceed for the next.


  • Improper configuration of Arlo base station:- Make sure that you have not missed any point while configuring your base station. If you are unable to find the reasons behind it, then connect with the service team and get instant support.
  • Router’s firmware issue:- Open router’s setting and check if any firmware is pending and needs an update. If there is any, then update it and check your base station again.


There can be several more reasons that can cause this issue. If you are unable to find the exact reasons, then take expert’s help who are consistently working towards resolving customer’s issues. With their high-end customer service, they make sure that none of their customer’s issues remain unsolved.

Troubleshooting steps to fix Arlo base station offline issue

Go through these steps and ensure the connectivity of your Arlo base station.

  1. Check the Ethernet Cable and make sure it is properly connected to both router and base station.
  2. Next, check power adapter and make sure it is turned on.
  3. Try to connect to internet using other devices.
  4. Reconnect your base station again. Do this by following steps:-

Unplug power adapter & reconnect it to the outlet. Now, check if the LED of the base station has turned solid green or not. If it is blinking amber, then try next steps.

  1. Check the DHCP settings & client list of your router
  2. Make sure 443 and 80 are open on the router
  3. Reset Arlo Base Station and put it to its default value.

Try all these steps and check the status of your base station. If you still face this issue then connect with the service team and get a hassle-free customer service. For further information regarding Arlo base station offline, connect with the team now.