Bissell PowerEdge Bagless Vacuum 81L2A – Great Pet Hair Vacuum Review


Pet hair is an infamous challenge for many vacuums, especially on hardwood, tile, and other hard surfaces.If you’re a pet owner with a hardwood or carpet floor, the right cleaner for your particular needs can be hard to find!

There are many vacuum models designed to extract pet hair from deep carpet, and there are many hardwood vacuums that are designed to suck up dust without damaging your floor—but few models are able to do both well.

Luckily, there are few models that excel at sucking up pet hair, and meet the standards of a good hardwood vacuum. We took a look at some of the highest rated and best selling hardwood vacuum models to see how they handled picking up hair, fur, and dander.

Those vacuum can vary from upright vacuum to canister, stick or handheld or even a robotic vacuum cleaner. Many models have their own advantages and disadvantages and depend to the individual preferences, every type of machine can be ideal to your needs.

We pick the favorites by combing through owner’s reviews and ratings, as well as looking at how each model performed in consumer tests. We also look at price, performance, ease of use, and other factors important in any great machine. So the winner goes to BISSELL PowerEdge Pet Hardwood Floor Bagless Vacuum, 81L2A


Bissell PowerEdge Bagless Vacuum 81L2A Review

Not everyone has the budget for a new full-sized vacuum. If you’re looking for an inexpensive option, one of the best-selling hardwood vacuums is the BISSELL PowerEdge.

The PowerEdge 81L2A is a corded stick vacuum that’s billed as both a pet hair and hard floor vacuum, and it’s easily distinguished from other models by its unique V-shaped base. This special design make this cleaner one of the most popular unit in the market.

According to BISSELL, the unorthodox floor head shape pushes large particles to the center of the head, and fine dust to the edges while vacuuming.

It’s a lightweight, maneuverable model that is easy to navigate around the home. The PowerEdge Pet Hardwood vacuum weighs a scant 7 pounds and turns on a swiveling head. The V-shape of the base is designed to reach tight spots and corners, such as furniture legs and baseboards.
The PowerEdge cleaner is a bagless model, featuring an easy-to-empty dust cup. The cord for this vacuum is 20 feet long.

The Pros and Cons of Bissell PowerEdge


The performance-to-price ratio for this vacuum was a pleasant surprise to most reviewers—despite its dirt cheap price, the PowerEdge does an excellent job at picking up pet hair, as well as large and small particles from hardwood floors. As one buyer raved:

The PowerEdge vacuum is so effective at picking up large debris, in fact, that it eliminates the need for a dustpan and broom. Getting rid of the extra step of sweeping is a big bonus—particularly for many pet owners, since kitty litter and dog food were easily swallowed up by the PowerEdge.

Pet hair is also effectively removed by the PowerEdge. The rubber wipers on the head of the vacuum help catch more hair than suction alone, and prevent the tangles that occur in vacuum heads with bristles.

Finally, the slim, lightweight body and swiveling V-shaped head make the chore vacuuming a breeze. The PowerEdge is easy to store, carry, and navigate around the home, and it can easily access areas under and around furniture that prove challenging to full-sized vacuums.


As you might expect in this price range, the components of the PowerEdge are mostly plastic. In order to make this model last through a year of regular use, the filter needs to be emptied on a regular basis.

Like most stick vacuums, the PowerEdge isn’t designed for covering the breadth of your floor plan (with the exception of small apartments). The low-capacity dust cup needs frequent emptying, and the relatively short cord of the PowerEdge will require users to switch outlets. Instead, the PowerEdge makes a great supplementary vacuum for those who already have a main vacuum they like.


The inexpensive BISSELL PowerEdge is a strong choice if you’re shopping on a budget—the hard floor performance of this vacuum exceeds expectations in the PowerEdge’s price bracket.

Beyond the low cost, there’s a lot to love about the PowerEdge. The unique head shape navigates easily around tight corners, effectively picking up both large and small debris. It’s lightweight, maneuverable, and stands to make pet owners’ lives a lot easier!

However, if you prefer those full size cleaners like upright or canister vacuums, those models are most probably more expensive than the Bissell PowerEdge but no guarantee that they are more effective.

You can search online review sites or just go to Amazon site to look for reliable vacuum model. Remember to read the customer reviews and compare the prices before committed to buy.