Dissertation – Faculty of Communication Sciences


For the determination of applying for an authorization to protect the dissertation, the dissertation manuscript must be submitted to the education services in three comprehensive and filed copies as well as a PDF file. If your dissertation contains articles and a summary, provide the accumulated work for pre-examination in 3 filed copies.

Formerly submitting the dissertation document for inspection, the student must have to make sure from the administrator of the research that the work is in a complaint that warrants submission for inspection. It is also referred by UK dissertation writing services. The uniqueness of the manuscript is tested with the Turnitin software, and the Turnitin report studied by the administrator and it is provided to the faculty’s study services.

An entry of the inspection process is designed in the dissertation. Questions related to the manuscript submission schedule can be accessible to the faculty staff members who manage matters related to postgraduate studies. The doctoral candidate must confirm that all the necessary research attainments and components have been recorded in the study register if they have not been finalized in combination with the licentiate degree.

The pre-examiners for the dissertation are assigned by the Dean based on the joint proposal of the administrator and the individual accountable for the doctoral programme. Before the collection of the pre-examiners, the author is afforded the chance to deliver grounds for the thinkable disqualification of the proposed pre-examiners. Get quick assistance from dissertation writing services.


At least two pre-examiners are allocated for the dissertation. They must be independent of the Faculty of Communication Sciences, with respect to which one of them should be independent of the University of Tampere.

The pre-examiners must have at least a docent’s title or comparable abstract merits. For a defensible motive, a person who has concluded a doctoral degree but is not a docent can be designated as the other pre-examiner. Of the pre-examiners of a dissertation in theatre arts, at least one should have a doctoral degree, while the other can be a talented artist without a doctoral degree. Also get better understanding from essay writing help.

According to the Tampere University Regulations on Degrees (section 30), the specialists may not have available joint works with the doctoral candidate within the past three years. Provisions on the ineligibility of specialists are laid down in the Administrative Procedure Act (434/2003, sections 27–29).

The objective of the pre-examination development is to confirm that the dissertation manuscript encounters the scientific/artistic and proper necessities set for the highest-level academic theses.

The pre-examination is also a stage in which the ability and its allocated pre-examiners can affect the qualities of the dissertation. The duty of the pre-examiners is to deliver the faculty with their declaration of whether or not the technical qualities of the manuscript permit granting permission to current it as a dissertation. In the case of article-based research, the pre-examination statement must specify whether or not the compiling forms a comprehensive work that meets the criteria of a doctoral dissertation. If the pre-examination statement is destructive, the pre-examination process can be obsolete on request of the doctoral student.

If the procedure has been discontinued, it can be resumed when the person accountable for the doctoral programme grants approval to do so. This process is also defined by the best dissertation writing service and applies to the pre-examination procedure of the academic dissertation manuscript and the artistic dissertation manuscript as well as the connected artistic works.