Google PPC Management: How It Works?


The advertisements that are being placed right above the organic searches are known as Paid advertisements, which is otherwise known “Pay-Per-Click Advertising”. Pay-Per-Click (PPC) is that form of digital marketing model in which the advertiser pays the publisher on every click on the featured Advertisements. This is part is correlated to the searches of the visitors who are in search for their desired product or service. For that, they have to do the searches by putting “keywords” in the search engines. And eventually, search engines like Google show relevant results matching to the keywords. Therefore, the keywords are playing a significant role here. Hence, it is regarded as “Keyword Advertising”. Nevertheless, this is the safest mode of digital marketing that has been useful in drawing visitors to the website. Let’s have an in-depth analysis of how effective the Google PPC Management Company has been in place the Ads?

As it is widely known that, the advertiser has to pay a certain amount on every click to get traffic to the websites. However, as per the survey over 98 percent of the advertisements get clicks which are nested at the top three places. Therefore, it is imperative to place your ad at the top of the search results to garner maximum benefits from it. Is it that easy? Had that been the case, the role of search engines like Google would have been irrelevant.

To display the Ad searches Google has mentioned a number of criteria to determine the position of your ad. Keyword price or cost-per-click (CPC), bidding strategy, keywords competition, quality score, and other factors as well. To have a clear-cut idea on these, let’s discuss each factor one by one.

Keywords Bidding: Keywords are the obvious determinants that optimize your cost-per-click strategy. Google uses the same protocol to determine your ad position. Higher the cost of your bid, better will be the chance of getting ranked higher in the search results and vice-versa.

Quality Score: Though higher keyword bidding price will let you have the higher search result ranking. But, that is not all. The website landing page, the content, and the relevance of the content also matter. The volatile nature of Google Algorithms is vital in this matter. The protocols are earmarked by it play a determining factor while ranking the display advertisements. The duplicity of the content, irrelevant content, botched up contents that are done solely on the purpose of swindling the visitors in order to gain some free traffic, will be penalized heavily. Google might not consider your advertisements or give low ranks or even penalize with some pecuniary fines. This could drag some unnecessary troubles also. Hence, the quality score takes into considerations. And this brings us to the next segment.

Click-through-rate (CTR): The CTR and the relevance of your ad copy are two most influential part of the quality score. And of these two variables, CTR is the strongest influencer of all. If the ad is getting a considerable number of clicks, then the quality score of your display and will eventually be increased. Hence, the bidding cost does not always matter. And with the increase in quality score, the ad gets the notice of Google and then the inevitability of increased ad ranking takes place.

As we are discussing the ranking of the ad, you need to be apprised about the formula of the Ad rank. And it follows,

Quality Score*Maximum Cost-Per-Click Bid = Ad Rank

The above formula sums up all. Apart from that, the level of competition also plays a dominant role.

Competition: Regardless of the quality score or the relevance of the ad, the growing competition always creates concerns. Consider the festive seasons. With new competitors are entering in the market, your display advertisement strategies have to be a notch ahead of theirs. Now, you need to go through a complete overhaul, starting from choosing the appropriate keywords, increasing bidding cost and much more.

To sum up, Google PPC Management is bringing effective solutions day by day and making the Pay-Per-Click management much easier. As the spectrum of digital marketing expanding, this online marketing model proved to be the go-to option for the business owners.

Author’s Bio-Here, the centre of focus is the anatomy of Google PPC Management and how Google PPC Management companies are playing significant role in business enhancement