5 Tips To Optimize Websites For Wearable Tech

optimize websites for wearable tech

Are you a website owner or a search engine optimization service provider? Then you must read this article which discusses how to optimize websites for wearable tech. Marketers had to modify their approach when smart devices became more popular than traditional computers. They will have to recalibrate their strategies once again as the use of wearable gadgets slowly increases. Right now the technology is being seen mostly in smartwatches and fitness bands. However, once better glasses, rings and other devices are developed, it will transform the way people surf the internet. Website owners, marketers, and SEO professionals must be prepared for the change when it occurs. The following suggestions will help professionals in optimizing interfaces for wearable technology.

1. Optimize Websites For Voice Search

The emergence of smart devices led to an increase in voice searches. Once the use of smartwatches and other similar gadgets becomes more widespread, voice searches will grow even more. This makes it essential to optimize websites for such searches. Remember that there is a marked difference between the way people type and the manner in which they speak. A verbal search will include natural, long, and complete sentences as compared to terse, typed keywords. Most of the time people conduct the search by asking a question. Identify all long-tail keywords that are related to your business. Ensure that these terms are placed in the content you create. Moreover, people speaking into a gadget to find a solution or a product have strong buying intent. Optimizing the interface for spoken searches, therefore, will have a positive impact on the conversion rate.   

2. Reduce The Page Loading Time Of The Interface

Marketers witnessed a difference in the behavior of mobile and desktop users. The former was less patient than the average traditional computer user when waiting for an interface to load. This forced professionals to make sure that their websites had a low page loading time. The same tactic must be adopted while optimizing for fashion electronics. The HTML, JavaScript, and CSS codes of the websites must be minified. All the images must be resized and properly optimized before being uploaded on the interface. There are various tools that can automate code minification as well as image optimization. It will be pertinent to install such a solution o the website. This will ensure that the interface remains lightweight and is loaded quickly in users’ browsers. Business owners can also use Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) to ensure that web pages are served quickly to visitors.  

3. Create Content For Local Audiences

As mentioned earlier, people using mobile phones or smart electronic devices for searches have strong buying intent. More often than not, such users are looking for solutions in their vicinity. This makes it essential to optimize the interface for local searches. One of the best ways to do so is by creating content for local audiences. Use analytics and other tools to find out the kind of topics people are searching. Conduct extensive research to isolate the best keywords for your business and then create content accordingly. Hire a reputed search engine optimization company which will use professional writers to create the material with local flavor. Even if you are not a local business owner, you can use this strategy to attract audiences. Make sure that the matter you post interests the native audience of a geographical area.

4. Use Schema Markup

Schema.org is a collective initiative of all major search engines and web communities to promote structured data. The organization has identified tags and properties which can be used to markup products, events, price ranges, business listings etc. This helps search engines in easily understanding the information and presenting it to users. Searches using wearables are usually looking for specific information. Using structured data markup will ensure that engines perfectly understand the different pages or elements related to a website. People looking to optimize websites for wearable tech must use schema markup as it will improve their SERP rankings.

5. Use Gamification To Boost User Engagement

It is not only relevant content that helps an interface in achieving higher search rankings. Google looks at a range of signals to measure the standards of a website’s user experience and engagement. This helps the search giant to identify the best results for users. Website owners must ensure that their target audience spends a long time on their interface. This must not be affected by the kind of devices being used by visitors. Marketers have become adept at keeping desktop and mobile users captivated. However, they are still looking for effective ways to capture fashion electronics users. Gamification provides them with a chance to do so. They can create competitions around routine activities like walking or jogging and offer progress rewards to participants. This will encourage users to visit the interface repeatedly and spend time exploring it.


Smart electronic devices are going to become versatile and better with time. Professionals must learn how to optimize websites for wearable tech to ensure their interfaces remain relevant to the target audience.