Top 5 Ways for Startups to Grow Exponentially in the Marketplace


There has been a tremendous growth in the recent years concerning all types of businesses in the UAE and especially in Dubai. It is rightly considered as the hub of all the activities in the Middle East. Every aspiring entrepreneur here looks to enter the marketplace with a dream to make it big in the marketplace but very few of them came out successful.

Starting a new business from scratch is like sowing a seed in the ground and nurturing a plant until it becomes a tree. You will have to nurture the plant, water it regularly and expose it to appropriate sunlight to help it to grow quickly. It holds true for your small business as well. In this blog, I will try to offer you five ways that can take your business to the next level not just in Dubai but all over the UAE.  

  1. Have a Strong Online Presence

We live in a global village where there is no distance barrier. Thanks to advancement in technology, information is transmitted from one corner of the world to the other in a blink of an eye. If you want to survive in today’s competitive business environment, having an online presence is not enough. Exceptional web design and development is the requirement and that’s why you definitely need help form a renowned company offering website development in dubai for startups like your venture.

Make the most of internet to reach to audiences around the globe and your brand will slowly gain traction among the masses.

  1. Focus on Customers rather than Competitors

As most businesses divert all their energies towards anticipating and predict what their competitor’s next move will be, they tend to forget to focus on their customers which is simply not the right way to go about their businesses. As a result, their startups remain static and could not grow and expand quickly.

Amazon’s CEO Jeff Bezos thinks differently and advices young entrepreneurs to focus on customers instead of competitors. According to him, “The most important single thing is to focus obsessively on the customer.” Try to improve your customer experience and satisfy your customers instead of obsessing over what your competitors are doing.  

  1. Work in Partnerships

Partnerships are the quickest way for a startup to make a beginning in the right direction without thinking about the consequences of a slow market or other factors directly affecting businesses. In most cases, working collaboratively on projects can bear fruitful results for your business. Keep looking out for business opportunities where you can work jointly with other companies. The biggest advantage of working in partnership or forming an alliance is skill and resource sharing. Both parties can benefit from them by putting it to good use.


  1. Expand Locally and Globally

Despite online stores are hot commodities nowadays, brick and mortar stores are critical to your business growth prospects. Customers will usually search for your business outlet near them. If they find one, they will visit it personally. Try to establish a network of physical stores across the country your business operates. If possible, open stores in different parts of the world, as it would give you access to international customers. Although, opening physical stores is not feasible for startups, they need to look for this opportunity whenever possible and jump on the opportunity.

  1. Diversify Your Products and Services

You cannot achieve business success by selling the same products and delivering the same services for decades. Your customer will quickly get bored and want something new or fresh. If they do not find it, they will look for alternatives and their alternative could be your competitors. As a small business, you do not want that. The best way to resolve this issue is to diversify your products and services. You could start by selling complementary products and services.

Final Word

There are many more aspects that I could have mention here but due to limited space, I am unable to do so. Please offer your valuable feedback for this blog to add aspects that you think that must be included here so that I can update my blog accordingly or any query too through the comments section below and I will get back to you at my earliest.